Cabinet Styles

We offer several styles of cabinetry to fit your lifestyle and the theme of your home. Face frame with overlay doors and drawer fronts (traditional). Face frame with inset doors and fronts (traditional/modern) and frameless (modern /contemporary.)

There are so many options for wood types, styles, finishes and hardware. Contact us today and let us help you turn your kitchen dreams into a reality.

Traditional Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Design

Contemporary Kitchen Design

Why do kitchen cabinets have such a wide range of pricing?

Once you decided on your assembly preference, (framed or frameless kitchen cabinetry), as you start looking at the different makers of kitchen cabinets, you may ask yourself “what are the major differences?” And why are some more expensive than others?

Each custom grade is based upon these factors:

  • Construction (framed or frameless)
  • Material (wood species and type)
  • Finishes
  • Hardware (hinges, pulls, knobs, drawer slides)
  • Interior accessories
  • Styling
  • Levels of customization (trim, casings, mouldings, etc.)

What makes C3 stand apart from their competitors?

At C3 our goal is to build you the kitchen of your dreams. Although there are several methods of assembly used to construct cabinets, we feel the best is the tongue and groove method for the boxes and dovetail joints for the drawers.

Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove

Dovetail joint

More structurally sound than other methods (butt joint, half lap, mitered) just to name a few, these two methods will stand the test of time and will remain functional for many, many years.

Recognizing the differences between the different levels of kitchen cabinet quality will help you understand the wide price variance in the kitchen cabinet market. It will also lead you to a wise final decision as you work your way through our kitchen design process. So, you may ask, what are the most important kitchen cabinetry features to compare? The most important features when you look at kitchen cabinets are undoubtedly construction, style, quality of the finish, and type of drawer and hinge action.

What’s the advantage to working with locally owned and operated Cabinet Manufacturers.

Boxes that are mass produced from an assembly line factory do not always produce higher quality custom kitchen cabinets since they rarely have the attention to detail that Craftsman put into their work.  With C3 Custom Cabinetry we specialize in manufacturing the best possible product without the “short cuts” of the large companies.

We provide service after the sale. Our reputations and our word mean something to our community.

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